Click on the Landing page settings entry in the Management panel of the dashboard to get to the Landing page settings page.

Landing message

Enter landing page message (or clear field to skip message). If you provide text here, it will be displayed to shoppers before they start shopping for tickets. You can use markdown syntax in this message; if that doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry about it.

Link to image

Enter the URL (web address) of an image to be displayed to shoppers before they start shopping. You can use this for a logo, a promotional image, or just as a decoration. If you supply a landing message above, the image will be displayed below the landing message. Note: The image must be a .jpg or .png file already displayed on a publicly visible web page.

Access code

Enter an access code (or clear field to remove an existing one), then submit the change. If an access code is supplied, shoppers will be asked to enter this code before they can proceed. You can use letters and digits in your codes, and case is ignored. You can also have multiple codes, separated by spaces. A common use of an access code is to let cast members buy tickets before opening general online sales.

Price codes

Access codes are a blunt instrument for restricting all access to shopping for those without the code. For finer control of who can buy how many of which kind of seat at what prices, see the section of Price codes.