Do NOT fill out this form if:

  • you are trying to buy tickets. Contact the organization presenting the event for information.
  • you are trying to change or resell tickets that you already have. Contact the organization presenting the event using the information on your receipt.
  • you already have a Seat Yourself account. Instead, go to the Admin page and log in to your account, then use the Schedule link to add a new production. If you don’t know your account information, ask us.

Setup process

1. You give us:

  • Date, time and seating configuration to sell for each performance
  • Ticket types and prices (e.g., Regular/$8, Student/$6.50)

2. We send you back:

  • A fully functional account in test mode (i.e. charging is simulated)
  • A login and password to get reports on who bought tickets and how much money has come in
  • A simple checklist to walk you through both testing and proofreading of the information you had us put in

3. Go live!

Once you’re satisfied, we make the test drive into a live webstore in less than a day:

  • All the test orders are deleted.
  • Credit card charging is made live.
  • You get a link to put on your own web page that sends shoppers to your new webstore.

There is no charge for setup, and no obligation is incurred.