I was so impressed with the incredible customer service as I navigated setting up a website for my child’s school talent show! They were so responsive and helpful every step of the way and the website was incredibly user-friendly. Every option I could think of in setting up the website was available to me with assistance! I can’t wait to use the service in the future, and recommended to all of my friends!

I just wanted to thank you again for refunding our ticket sales right away and with no questions!  You were really amazing!  You helped make our patrons trust us.  We are appreciative of all you do to help us sell online tickets and manage our house.

I LOVED using seatyourself and I have been sharing it with others as well (and will continue to do so). The program was so easy to use and you were so informative and helpful through the entire process. My students and parents found it very easy to use to reserve the tickets. I was able to easily designate reserved sections, special ticket prices, and discount codes. With us performing indoors and respecting CDC guidelines, you made it VERY easy to structure the seating chart for optimum safety. Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for all your help always! This truly made life so much easier and worked out well for us, spectators and our host schools! Thanks again for such a great process and easy website with great support!!

We had a very exciting re-re-opening of Steel Magnolias for Weiser Little Theater. Please know that Seat Yourself has been a major part of our successful return…

Thank you always

Reduced my manpower and made it almost a one man show. I look forward to my next joint venture!

Thank you SO MUCH. I do appreciate everything you have done and all I have learned with this show. You have an amazing site and it has worked so well for us all these years. Your personalized customer service has been so helpful. I certainly hope that we will not run into these types of issues in the future (cancelling and/or moving performances). I was so happy to find that you had solutions for not only the socially-distanced seating but also for the livestreaming. Thank you for going above and beyond!

Thank you for everything that you did to help with our postponements. The website was so easy to use. The box office for the shows was the simplest I have ever experienced – I do not know why I didn’t do this earlier. Thank you for making it so easy to manage from my end. I will absolutely be using it in the future. I go to a theatre teachers conference every year and I will recommend your site to everyone I meet there.

I can’t speak highly enough about how responsive the Seat Yourself team is and how flexible this event management and ticketing solution is. We had to navigate into uncharted waters with the social distancing requirements of our venue, and Seat Yourself was with us every step of the way. I was amazed that we were able to offer an automated solution that aligned with the requirements, but we were. I was typically working on this nights and weekends and the support team was there with me each and every time. Exceptional! We have been a customer for many years and probably took them for granted, but this year made us a lifelong customer! Thank you!

Thank you once again! I am truly enjoying SeatYourself this year. I can’t believe I used ********** for so many years now. I really appreciate you guys. I can set up a show in minutes with you guys and it brings my pre-show stress level down SO much!

I wanted to let you know our show went well and using the site was fabulous. It easily distanced people as needed, allowed me to mark seats for anyone who came to the door to pay, and provides us with a record of who came and where they sat.

Thank you! This was easily the best check in process we’ve had for a fundraiser. Loved using the QR codes or looking up by last name to check in. Worked perfectly.

Thank you for letting us use your site, and being so helpful! It was so easy, and extremely organized. I highly recommend using this site, and will use it again next year! Thank you!

I cannot recommend them enough. As a new director, I came in a bit late to the game, but customer service is top notch. [Their] email skills are not only clear and helpful but rapid fire, and we were set up faster than I planned. The system is very user friendly and has every option you’d need. Will not disappoint!

You have been so excellent to work with. You are always responsive and always willing to help. If ever you need a reference or recommendation for Seat Yourself, please let me know. Seriously, just awesome customer support and service. Thanks again.

Seat Yourself has made selling and printing tickets the easiest part of our performances. The response from customer service is exemplary, from the most minor concern to adding functionality to the site based on our suggestions. Payment directly to our school booster bank account immediately after the event sealed the deal. I can’t imagine running a big ticketed event without seatyourself.

This is the 10th year of our annual Madrigal Dinner. For the first time, both shows were sold out more than a week before the performances! I’m convinced that the ease and convenience of the online ticketing made this possible.

I hate to admit that I am a bit old school (love doing things by hand) and it took me so long to break away from my old system and get online with our ticket sales. BUT, I couldn’t be happier. I know I write often with crazy questions and sometimes it takes me a bit to figure it all out, but I am feeling much more comfortable and have recommended your program to many of my colleagues. I continue to be amazed by our ticket sales and credit the online ticketing program for much of our success. Thanks again!!

Over the past two years, we have sold tickets online for our spring musicals. Your middle name is customer service! We are in California, but questions asked at any hour found a quick response. Last year, our sales increased greatly, but it was nothing compared to this year. We sold fewer tickets at the door and had a huge increase online. Our patrons were delighted at the ease of purchasing tickets. I showed a daily increase to my cast the last two weeks for motivation. Thank you for your professionalism and patience!

This was such a great process. All those ticket worries just vanished. It was worth every penny. I’m sold and will be a return customer next year. Thanks for your tech support, advise, and patience … when you’re teaching full time and trying to manage a show, it feels like all heck is breaking loose sometimes. So, your service was great. Again, thanks so much.

You have made our leap into the modern age of on-line ticket sales almost painless.We have gotten enthusiastic feedback from everyone on making it so much easier to buy tickets ahead of time.

Our patrons thought the new on line system was terrific!

Seat Yourself saved us a lot of time during busy production weeks. It was easy to use, the reports provided all the information I needed and the check was delivered very promptly. The best part is I didn’t have to interrupt my classes to sell tickets.

Seat Yourself has saved staff, volunteers and our school’s bookkeeper countless hours, made record keeping a breeze, simplified ticketing and seating and our sales have definitely increased now that we are available 24/7 to our audience. And our audience is growing because now we easily reach beyond the student/parent population. On top of it all, zero complaints and lots of applause for Seat Yourself.

It was awesome using your service and people were thrilled to do it rather than having kids try to sell them on their own. Thanks again and we’ll look forward to using Seat Yourself in the future!

The ticket sales online are fantastic! Thanks so much!

The ticket sales online are fantastic! Thanks so much!

Customer service on a Sunday night! No way! Amazing. You’re the best!

Your on-line ticketing was wonderful. I especially appreciated being able to print out reports for each performance both alphabetically and by seat location. That way I could seat people who forgot their receipts as well as notify a couple of ticket holders who had obstructed views that we didn’t realize would happen. I plan to use your services for all of our shows in the future.

Thank you … It was ridiculously easy. We will be using your service again for our musical in the spring, and I have recommended it to other groups on campus who use our theatre.

Shows were great – sold out – turned people away. LOVE online ticketing.

Thank you for everything. This was our first time doing online ticket sales, and it ran very smoothly. We experienced no problems with the reservation system, and it was nice not to have to handle, count and deposit all of that money. I will definitely recommend Seat Yourself to my colleagues.

We were most pleased with the site and service. At the first show I made a point to be in the lobby to talk with some of the patrons who purchase online. The biggest comment I received was how easy it was to work through the site. This is a great service for our patrons. From a director’s viewpoint, I was very pleased with the various reports and my ability to track up to the minute sales. It was a great help. Again, thank you.

Many Thanks! We’re very pleased with how things went and fully expect to use Seat Yourself again for our two productions next school year!

After years of dealing with selling all tickets at the physical box office with all the errors made in accounting and tracking and dropping the ticket box and not having the ability to charge tickets, I have found my solution! Your service is so easy. I have actually had parents and patrons e-mail me their thanks. And most of all every single question I have learning how this works was answered quickly and compassionately. I not only will endorse this service, but will forward my recommendation to the Arizona Thespians for publication on their website. Thanks so much.

We concluded the run of our musical yesterday and using Seat Yourself made it the smoothest operation in our history. We will absolutely plan on doing it again. It is a great way to manage the whole process.

Once the site was up and running, things worked smoothly – many theatre goers complimented us on the ease and convenience of using your site. Thanks for providing us great service!

I Remember Mama was a great success, and we heard many comments on how easy and convenient SeatYourself was to use and implement!

We’re excited to use your service again in the fall!

Thanks again – I know our patrons really liked the convenience of your site and I think it helped us increase sales to out of town folks.

As Director of Fine Arts at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, SC, I find myself wearing numerous hats throughout our productions. In addition to producing and directing, set design and construction, lighting and sound design, I am also responsible for ticket sales. This year, we decided to sell tickets online through SeatYourself.biz. I contacted Seat Yourself and they set up our site overnight. Parents, students, faculty, and the community all agree that this was the best thing we ever did! The system is very easy to use and it was the catalyst in helping us sell out 3 out of 4 shows! Bravo to Seat Yourself for making my job much easier!

I have been very pleased with Seat Yourself. It has really made ticketing easier for us. I love being able to run credit cards. There are lots of ticket sales that happened because they were able to purchase online. I can’t wait to get set up for our next production.

We are VERY happy with the service you have given us and plan on using it for a long time!!!

You can feel free to tell them that we love having your service!!!