See issue #115 for background. All of the chiclets, glyphs, and UI elements below are defined using shortcodes that refer to custom CSS. Shortcodes can be inserted through the WordPress text and visual editors for content. (The visual editor has an icon that looks like this in blue: [/], where the text editor spells out “Shortcoder”.) The shortcodes are just text, however, and you can type them directly, though it’s a little easier to pick them out of a list.

You can manage shortcodes here. You can view the additional CSS here, under Additional CSS, but don’t change it!


Compare the following to the original page of samples.


Use the shortcode next to the desired color of chiclet below. Note that you need to type the text to placed in the chiclet between the opening and closing shortcode markup.

  • warnings chiclet-red
  • GA chiclet-gray
  • +emails chiclet-cyan
  • config chiclet-blue
  • +sales chiclet-green
  • +seats chiclet-amber
  • Sell tickets chiclet-purple
  • Swap seats chiclet-pink


  • glyph-briefcase
  • glyph-calendar
  • glyph-cog
  • glyph-credit-card
  • glyph-download-alt
  • glyph-envelope
  • glyph-flag
  • glyph-globe
  • glyph-info-sign
  • glyph-link
  • glyph-lock
  • glyph-print
  • glyph-qrcode
  • glyph-search
  • glyph-shopping-cart
  • glyph-tag
  • glyph-tags
  • glyph-usd
  • glyph-wrench

UI elements

Use shortcode “ui-element”. Note that you need to type the text to be styled as a UI element between the opening and closing shortcode markup.

Click on the Venues and seating charts link.

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