We offer phone support in unusual circumstances, such as when you have a problem while managing admissions at the door and have no access to email, or if we see that a succession of emails has failed to resolve a misunderstanding.

There are a couple of reasons for this policy:

  1. We need a record of what we were asked and how we answered, so that
    whoever handles any followup does not have to start from scratch.
  2. Email support is significantly more effective than phone support, because:
    • it can be done from anywhere at any time,
    • it allows us to send links to explanations we’ve already used and then
      improved after feedback, and
    • it never involves us in phone tag.

We recognize that some people are not comfortable with such a heavy reliance on email instead of phone, which is why we resist offering phone support even during the test drive process. If our style does not work for you during setup, we may not be a good choice of vendor.