This checklist contains five mandatory steps, each with a small number of tasks to perform.

All of the tools you’ll need to perform these tasks are accessible via links on your account dashboard. To access the dashboard:

  • Go back to the original setup email we sent.
  • Copy the password.
  • Click on the login link in the email immediately above the password
  • Paste the password into the Password field on the page you were taken to.

You should now be looking at the dashboard of your Seat Yourself account.

For effective completion of this checklist, we suggest having the checklist in one browser tab, and the dashboard in another, or printing out the checklist pages.

Warning: While the system is designed to allow shoppers to shop on their phones, completing steps 2 and 3 of this checklist using just a single phone is likely to be challenging.


All steps must be performed before we can convert the test drive to a live webstore. Testing and proofreading should require less than an hour of focused time, but cannot be done at the same time as some other task. Please do not hesitate to email us if you hit a snag.