Go live

Send us an email request to turn your account live.

If you have decided you want to convert the test drive to a live webstore, send us an email giving us permission to convert the test drive to a live webstore. But please read these warnings first:

  • Don’t post the link until after you receive the official go-live email from us — purchasers often miss the ‘TEST DRIVE’ notation on the test receipts, and think they have bought real tickets.
  • Check this list of specific features you might reasonably assume we have (but we don’t).

If we haven’t scared you off, here is what happens in the go-live process. First, we do some things:

  • We remove all the test notation and reservations from the test drive.
  • We turn live credit card charging on.
  • We turn web sales off.
  • We send you an email explaining how to turn online sales back on, whenever you decide you want to begin selling online.

When you receive that email, then you do some things:

  • Make one last pass to proofread the information presented, to be absolutely sure you’re ready to open sales.
  • Arrange to post the link on your own web page(s). Link information will be sent in the official go-live email, but you can also click on the entry in the Management panel of the dashboard, Webstore link for posting on your page.
  • Turn web sales back on.
Please Remember

Each of the prior steps in this checklist is mandatory for launch. Be sure you have completed all of them.