Allocate seats

Allocate seats to the box office so we can’t sell them online while you are trying to sell them to someone standing in front of you.

The previous step let you evaluate the system from a shopper’s point of view. The next two steps involve manager functions. We suggest you complete them even if you don’t plan on selling tickets from a box office. Walking through these steps will let you preview our style of answering questions you may have down the line on how to use the system.


General Admission is also known as open seating, free seating, or festival seating. If you have assigned seating, we refer to it as Reserved.

Allocate 4 seats to the box office:
  1. Click on the Manage seats link near the top of the dashboard.
  2. Click on one of the performances in the calendar that shows at the top of the tab.
  3. Pick 4 seats in the same section.
  4. Click on each of them in succession. A thick black border will display around the seats, indicating that they are selected.
  5. Click on the light blue Allocate to box office link that has appeared at the right in order to effect the change. The 4 seats will change color to light blue.

The color coded rectangles below the seat chart will now display a light blue rectangle to indicate that 4 seats have been allocated to the box office. If you have made any test purchases, you will see those summarized in a green rectangle, and in green seats in the chart above.

You’ll sell 2 of these 4 seats from the box office in the next step.