This page tells you how to create custom links to send shoppers directly to a specific date, hide all but one production, or to skip the shopping pages and go directly to the checkout page, poised to add a donation (without any tickets in the order).

Add a direct link to a specific date: You can arrange to have the calendar open displaying a specific month by adding ?date=yyyy-mm-dd to the standard link. For example, use

to get performances in June of 2022. The date doesn’t have to be the actual date of a performance, but there must be nearby performances in order to display the calendar at that date.

Add a direct link to a specific production: You can display only the events in a particular production by adding ?event=prod-name to an alternate version of the standard link. For example, use

to get only your Sound of Music production, and nothing else. We don’t recommend using this normally, since it means that the ticket buyer doesn’t get a chance to see any of the other events you are offering.  Conversely, this approach won’t keep shoppers from going to your regular shopping link to see all the productions. Ask us to hope you set up a Price code if you want to let just some shoppers get tickets to specific events or seating sections.

Add a direct link to the checkout page for donations: You can send patrons directly to the donation tab, where they can press an Add donation button. Use

to do that.