Account managers often need to find the link to an order. The three most common uses for those are

    • Review the details on the receipt
    • Resend the link to the patron
    • Send the link to to get us to swap or cancel an order.

This note lists a large number of ways to find and resend order links.

Via the email we sent you: Every order has an email confirmation sent to the address(es) in the Receipt copies field in the Administration panel of the dashboard. And each of those emails has 2 links to the order. One of those links has the caption, link to receipt. The other is shown with no hiding caption and includes your account name at left.

Via any one of several reports: Most of the reports people commonly use have green rcpt (receipt) links or buttons, usually in the leftmost column. That includes these reports:
Event line reports:
seats (click on the initials on one of the seats in the order)
Order panel reports:
Search for orders
All the Orders by … reports in the Reports panel (although to save space, the green button has a $ caption instead of rcpt).

Once you find the link, you can right click to copy it (or equivalent gestures on phones and macs), so that you can paste it into an email. Or you can click on it to bring up the full receipt in another browser tab, and then you can select and copy the address bar.

Tested the green send link button at the top right of receipts (or just the paper airplane icon on smaller devices) on a few devices, and it worked.