Our policy is no refunds. The policy is posted prominently for shoppers on the checkout page and on the order receipt. We make exceptions on a limited basis for our customers when requested via an email from the email address listed as the account manager. We normally hold back all fees. We will normally not issue a refund at the patron’s request, since we owe you the proceeds until you tell us we don’t.

We will make exceptions at our discretion when a purchaser contacts us immediately, if we think there may have been a system problem at the time of purchase, or if patrons notify us that they will not be attending due to an illness. In that last case, we do not typically withhold fees.

Please note that except when a performance has been canceled, we are unable to make refunds for just part of an order.

Here’s how to request a refund for a patron:

  1. Find the dashboard’s line for an event the purchaser has tickets to and click the green sales button on the line.
  2. Click the Show dispositions link at top right.
  3. If you haven’t previously requested a refund for an order in this event, the system will prompt you in a box at the top of the page to unlock disposition changes for account managers, and will tell you how. Come back to the sales report after doing that via the green sales button at the top of the Customize event configuration page, and go back to step 2 above and proceed.
  4. Find the line for the purchaser, and set the dropdown to Refund tix or Refund tix for all show times (if the purchaser’s order included multiple events).

We’ll be notified when you change a disposition but will also expect a follow-up email from you. The reason we ask for this redundant communication is the worry that we will cancel someone’s reservation because of an errant click on a page. We will will also want to know if there is a mitigating factor (e.g. covid) and you would like us to refund fees as well.

In the event of cancellation or postponement, patrons can choose to donate the proceeds or receive a refund, but fees of 50 cents per ticket plus 3% for CC charges will be held back. We normally issue these refunds by reversing the credit card charge, although account managers have the option of issuing the refunds themselves from the proceeds. Please note that we are not able to reverse a charge made more than 6 months in the past. In the event that an order includes both canceled and un-canceled events, we will pro-rate the refund accordingly. Account managers usually offer makeup performances, and seats to canceled performances can then be swapped into other performances that will take place. This swap must always be made with the purchaser’s permission, unless a clear custom notice to the contrary was posted for shoppers prior to purchase, and also as custom text on the receipt.

See this page for how to work with us to cancel a performance and arrange for refunds to the patrons.