Use the Reservations report, reached by clicking on the rsvns button in the line for a specific event, to print all the reservations for a single event.

There two buttons at the top of the report, just above the column headers.

  • Click the Print page per seat button to print each reservation for the event, with one sheet for every seat in the order.
  • Click the Print page per order button to print each reservation for the event, with one sheet for every order.

This feature is intended for use at will call tables, and for that reason, the format of the printed pages is somewhat different from that of orders printed for a single order. The motivation is that when a single order is printed, the person printing already knows the identity of the patron, but in this case, it may be useful to have the patron information near the top in order to make searching through a stack for a specific patron easier. In addition, all patron information except for the name has been removed.

Please note we print in last name, first name order. If people don’t enter their names correctly, it may be harder to find the orders. Please also note that Jr. is often parsed as a last name.

For people who are thinking of eliminating the need for a will call table, since almost all patrons can both print their own reservations and also display QR codes on their phones, the rsvns report can also be used, both on screen and as a printout, to check arrivals against the list of reservations for an event.

For information on how to use phones and tablets to scan the QR codes that appear on the printed and on-screen orders, see this note.