Post the webstore link on your own web page(s)

Put the webstore link on your organization’s site. You can get more information on appropriate links depending on context by clicking the Webstore link for posting on your page entry in the Management panel of the Dashboard.

If you are not able to post enough information about your events on your own site, you may want to use the Seat Yourself landing page to have your patrons see a brief message before proceeding to the main shopping page. Refer to the Landing page settings documentation for more details.

To see information about special purpose links, see the note on Custom shopping links.

Publicize your own site (not ours) on posters and in emails.

Here are a few of the things that can go wrong when you send your patrons directly to the webstore, instead of to your own page.

  • The webstore has restricted room for information about your show that is not directly related to ticketing. So your patrons should always go to your site first, or risk missing important information.
  • If you search the web for the name of your program, your site will likely come up. But if a patron remembers our name and searches for our site, they will get to a page that assumes they are a school and encourages them to sign up to sell tickets. The result is often a confusing email exchange with us.
  • Patrons can bookmark your page and go back for the entire time their child is in your school. People should type as little as possible on the web—typos cannot be prevented.

If there is a compelling reason you do not want to publicize your own web or facebook page on printed materials, you can display the QR code of your Seat Yourself webstore instead.Please bear in mind, if you make this choice, that we require that you have your own web or facebook page that is accessible to the public without a password.

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